Devine Security LLC

"Discover The Difference"

Who We Are

Devine Security LLC is a well-managed growth-oriented provider of security officers and related services. We can provide you with a variety of security services. Our staff are prepared to accommodate your specific needs as well. Having developed a stable and proven management team, the company is ready for future growth. DSE is confident that its exceptional customer service, together with carefully managed profitability, will enable the company to continue its growth and become an outstanding leader in this industry. We offer a wide range of service to suit a variety of budgets and needs. 

Our most popular services include: 

•Unarmed Guards 

•Bilingual Guards 

•Temporary or Permanent 

•Monitoring and Computerized Security Systems 

•Private Guard 

We create security plans for facilities and events such as: 

•Commercial Locations 

•Religious Services 

•Educational Facilities 

•Residential Locations 

•Retail Facilities 

•Sporting Events 


•Financial Institutions 


•Senior Citizens Facilities 

•Construction Sites

Why Us?

Devine Security LLC, is an acclaimed firm of security agents with a reputation for effective security solutions, in the protection of life and property on Domestic or International Grounds.